Idée recette de la Cave Beetschen entrée gastronomique poissons tartare de thon rouge et crevette au gingembre

Red tuna tartare with ginger prawns

By Séverine Beetschen


Ingredients for 4 people


1 large red tuna steak of about 350 to 400 g

About 150g prawns in brine

1 fresh squeezed ginger root

3 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp raspberry vinegar

2 tbsp orange mustard

1 bunch of chives


Salt, pepper





Finely cut the tuna and prawns with a knife.

In a bowl, season the mixture with ginger pressed with a cheese grater, oil, vinegar, mustard, chopped chives and tabasco, salt and pepper to taste.





Shape the tartare with a pastry cutter, decorate with chives and lemongrass stalks. Dress with seasonal green shoots.


Bon Appétit