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Merlot barrique BIO Cachoteries

Red wine
Grand Cru

Confidential and unique production of 800 bottles of this vintage. 

Gold medal at the Merlot Championship in 2009 and 2012. 




Organic wine
24 months in barrel
Keeps for 5 to 20 years
Great Wine

CHF 35.00

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Incredible Merlot

First vintage in 2009 for this Merlot barrel and already gold medalist at the Merlot Championship in Lugano in 2011. This red wine of great ageing in limited production comes from a crop sorted by hand. Expressive nose, powerful mouth attack, tight and concentrated, lovely tannic presence. There are also hints of mint, the sign of a great wine. Aged 30 months in half barrels of 500 litres, this lovely wine has great ageing potential. Perfect pairing with game and red meat dishes.